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  1. zoohouse

    Toileting 201

    Do you own your own home? Friends of ours had a ceiling lift track installed in their sons room where they could put the sling on him, and then glide him to the toilet and lower him down onto it. He stays in the sling, and after he is done he is raised and cleaned and then moved back to his...
  2. zoohouse

    Just Found This Forum....First Post / vent (?)

    I am glad that you are there for your mother. No being a primary care giver is not easy, and is often unappreciated by our extended family. Do not hold your frustrations in as it will manifest in some other way, a very well known fact. Just ask my physiotherapist and massage therapist. I am...
  3. zoohouse

    balancing on the other side

    When we have difficulties in life, we often wonder "why me?" Well sometimes it is because we are the people who would best handle it, work through it, and then use that difficult time to help others. You are one of those people. I am so proud of you, and I bet you there is a soul up there...
  4. zoohouse

    It has been a while

    I get weekly pysio and acupuncture, as well as massage and ultrasound once a week. I have people come in to get Tim up and put him back to bed every day except Saturday. I stretch, and ice them, and take all the indicated vitamins and minerals, but it doesn't seem to be settling down. I know...
  5. zoohouse

    I need to vent

    As you can see, it is pretty unanimous that taking in your step-son and his girlfriend would be a disaster. Stick to your guns with your husband, and I agree that if he insists, ask him if he wants his son to care for him full time. I had Tim's daughter for a year and paid her to be a helper...
  6. zoohouse

    Docusate Sodium Liquid

    Tim has rarely needed either stool softeners or laxatives. He gets about an 2-3 TBS of hemp hearts, chia seeds and flax seed in his smoothy every day along with an apple one day and grapefruit the next. He also gets organic probiotic yogurt , 1 carrot and kale or spinach in his smoothie. We...
  7. zoohouse

    The next generation...

    I am totally jealous. One of our caregivers brought her 18 mos. over the other day and I got to play grandma. He was born at 27 wks and was only 1 lb at birth, but is 18 lbs now. He is a wisp of a thing but a going concern. Small is good for me with my hurting hands.
  8. zoohouse

    It has been a while

    It has been over 2 months since I last visited the forum and I see that we have lost so many more of our dear warriors. I was having some difficulty with the losses, and then my own body gave out on me. I have been Tim's sole care giver since he was diagnosed in 2012, but have been blessed...
  9. zoohouse

    Spreading His Ashes <3

    Hi Barbie, nice to hear from you. Oddly I haven't been on the forum for a very long time, as I found it so difficult to lose so many new friends. I have often thought of you and wondered what your new world looked like. Tim and I continue on, but I know that his time grows ever nearer. Even...
  10. zoohouse

    Audrey J McLaughlin Passes

    Tom, so sorry for your loss, and pleased to meet you. Audrey has gone home, and I know that she ran the race well.