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  1. Bad Balance

    What does your Caregiver use when outside

    How about your cell phone....what a
  2. Bad Balance


    Thanks folks It feels like one more step down that road.. I will think on it some
  3. Bad Balance


    The fellow at my last clinic visit suggested that I consider a peg to bypass the coughing and choking when I eat What thinks. You?
  4. Bad Balance

    A Month or 2 with PLS

    Yep too early to join the club yet
  5. Bad Balance


    Thanks guys"....means a lot
  6. Bad Balance


    Four years to the day Good clinic visit, but legs are going I can see that it won't get any easier But I have my inner strength....
  7. Bad Balance


    Nope; Not an as needed med
  8. Bad Balance

    well ignoring it doesn't make it go away

    Should this be moved to "Do I have ALS?"
  9. Bad Balance

    Random thoughts. . .

    Thanks for the post
  10. Bad Balance

    What does anxiety feel like?

    Lexapro with 3mlg of Valium + an extra 10 mlg of Baclofen gives me pleasant dreams The right antidepressant is trial and error as is the dosage Lexapro is good with anxiety