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    New article on Pimozide

    Another article on Pimozide. Clinical trials in Calgary. I tried to find the old thread without luck. ALS patients take anti-psychotic drug in clinical trial led by Calgary researcher - Calgary - CBC News
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    We all love you Al

    I think it's time we tell Al how much we love and appreciate him. It is obvious that he is struggling with Richard's death. Often it takes the death of someone so precious as Richard for us to remember to tell the ones that are here that we value them and love them. Al you are my hero, and I...
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    Becca (Jason's Dream)

    Becca I have been thinking about you lots and wondering how you are doing? It looks like I can't send you a visitor message--so decided I might catch your eye with starting this thread. I hope you are okay sweetie. Laurel
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    Review of economical bidet

    A week ago on the Come for Tea thread, I mentioned I had ordered a very economical bidet that one of our moderators (Richard) had recommended. It is called a Luxe Bidet MB320. It does not require electricity to hook up and run. It cost about $68 on Amazon--plus shipping. Richard has the less...
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    Al's wife--wishing her well

    I want Al to know that we are all thinking about his wife and wishing her a speedy recovery and a good prognosis following her surgery for breast cancer. It has to be very hard on Al too. We love you Al, and hope that all is going well for your wife. Laurel
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    Excellent site for education re: neuromuscular disorders and EMG

    On the CIDP, this site was posted. It is excellent for learning about many neuromuscular disorders including ALS, CIDP, etc. It has an excellent tutorial on EMG's. This site is sponsored by Dr. Bromberg at the University of Utah. Laurel
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    Our Super Moderator Al is my hero

    Al I want you know how much I appreciate all of what you write here on the forum. You are always honest and helpful. I believe in the "kick in the butt" school when people are off track and that is something you do only when it is called for. I know you have had a rough couple of days dealing...
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    Al--how was your check up at Sunnybrook?

    Hi Al, I was wondering how your check up went? Are you doing okay. Best regards, Laurel
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    Happy Birthday Micheline

    I noticed that it is your birthday today Micheline. I hope that things are stabilizing for you and that you are having a little celebration of your birth with Steve and the kids. Best regards, Laurel
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    Right arm atrophy

    Hello Everyone, I have just joined your forum, and I am seeking some advice. My 59 yr. old husband was seen by a neurologist 2 years ago and was diagnosed via EMG and MRI to have two impingements in his right arm. He was referred to a surgeon. In 2005 he had surgery of his rt. arm in two...