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    Where did u work

    Was a bricklayer before lumbar fusion in 2012. Before I was pretty active,...was a victim of an over zealous dentist..every tobacco stain was drilled and filled, still don't know if it was nine or eleven fillings I left there with...and may of tried to end things when I was young with slug pellets..
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    Another awareness day June 21

    In the UK the MNDA is doing a silence speaks campaign for awareness month.. As most folks will have problems during the course of things...My wife Doris wants to do a sponsored silence too..I don't think she'll be able to..
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    Clinic Today 6-3-15

    Tripete.. Sorry youve had a rough few days..butting in, just to say that people in our local group are pleased with their peg , and don't regret having it wife is in denial a bit too, did use the d word earlier.. I hope to bring her to the site when she's accepted what's going on, I...
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    Trache ?

    Thanks for the insight Diane...don't think it is an option given in the uk
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    Early Symptoms?

    Still an undecided diagnosis BTW, but lumbar fusion surgery was less an a year before first hand issues
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    Delays in Diagnosis -- What's Proper Follow-Up

    Why the hurry in diagnosis... Als is as much a diagnosis of progression and is as important as the emg... The longer it takes is a plus..
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    maybe this appt

    Well that was quicker than I thought... Date set for infusion 15th of June,,day after my 40th birthday... At least no stay needed, just five days on the trot during the day
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    maybe this appt

    Thanks guys..yes a plus, while there's doubt there's idea yet on date for ivig, things generally take a while over here...😂
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    maybe this appt

    And again things are no clearer...agreed that I'm bit weaker, but surprised not spread to more muscle groups.. Did mention the mm to him...He's said that mnd is likely butholding hope of mmn and that the three day ivig trial I had wasn't sufficient so a five day infusion is still I...
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    Graybeard's Final Post

    Wishing you and the family peace, god speed GB..x