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    I have cases of Jevity that I can of cost.
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    No mum, no christmas..

    I can truly say, I know exactly how you feel. My mom passed away almost 2 months ago. Last year my Christmas was much like yours, we all celebrated as we had every year...even though mom could no longer walk, talk, eat, or move much on her own. She was home with us, she could smell our Christmas...
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    Mom has "given up"

    I could really use some advice about my mom... She was recently diagnosed with ALS. She was referred to an ALS center but hasn't made it to an appointment yet. We've scheduled 3 for her and have had to cancel. She refuses to go. When she was diagnosed she became very depressed... Depression and...
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    Newly Diagnosed

    My mom was recently diagnosed with ALS. Her symptoms first started about 7 months ago. All the doctors she saw told her she had a stroke. She's been going to physical therapy and just started speech therapy when she received an ALS diagnosis. One of the first things the doctors told us was to...
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    New here

    Thank you for your kind words. There is little time during the day when I don't think about my mom's illness. And what's to come. I feel like she's been robbed. She says she isn't scared, but I'm terrified. I feel myself going into depression. I honestly don't want to be happy. I feel guilty the...
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    New here

    I am so saddened to hear about so many people struggling with this disease. My mother has just been diagnosed. Her symptoms began 7 months ago. Slurred speech, weakness concentrated on the right side of her body... She was consconstantly falling down and unable to grip things. Doctors first said...