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  1. Bad Balance


    The fellow at my last clinic visit suggested that I consider a peg to bypass the coughing and choking when I eat What thinks. You?
  2. Bad Balance


    Four years to the day Good clinic visit, but legs are going I can see that it won't get any easier But I have my inner strength....
  3. Bad Balance


    My voice is going hard to clear my throat of phlegm both from my lungs and post nasal Is that what happens you finally stop up and then have to trach?
  4. Bad Balance

    I thought î heard...

    That the Ice Bucket Chalenge has raised more dollars than those dedicated by Congress for ALS research ?
  5. Bad Balance

    Good Clinic Visit

    But it reinforced the inevitable....scared again
  6. Bad Balance

    ALS Chat?

    Any opportunity to add a real time chat function to the forum?
  7. Bad Balance

    Token has expired?

    I am getting this message when posting: Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please push the back button and reload the previous window. I type one handed there a time limit once you start?
  8. Bad Balance

    New AD banner?

    This new feature is annoying. Can it be turned off?
  9. Bad Balance

    Administrators ?

    Would you please provide a list of the current administrators ?
  10. Bad Balance

    Life Insuurance

    Does suicide kill the pay out?