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  1. Barbie

    Oh the Memories

    whenever I feel sad, I come here to this place with all of you. it is like my safe spot--I know how all of you feel and you know how I feel...some of you know me, and so many new people here have no idea who I am. but I know you love me and understand me just coz... This is my sad month...I...
  2. Barbie

    need a hug today

    yes I do. feeling sad. don't have anyone I can tell that to.
  3. Barbie

    Sad Anniversary

    Today is the first anniversary of Lonny's death. It seems much longer and so much shorter all at the same time for me. What a sad day. I am filled with memories of that day and the pain and sorrow. My heart is hurting and I feel so very fragile. The last few months leading up to September 30...
  4. Barbie

    Father's Day is Rough!

    First with out the father of my children. I sent them all cards but I worry for them. I feel sad, they must feel worse. ALS sucks so bad.
  5. Barbie

    Spreading His Ashes <3

    Over Memorial Day weekend my kids and I all flew up to Maine to spread Lonny's Ashes. He was raised in a small town on the coast and considered that his home so I decided that would be a good place for him. I rented a house in the town he lived in and we had a lovely time walking around and...
  6. Barbie

    5 months in...

    Well, hard to believe it is almost 5 months since my sweet husband died. I still hate ALS just as much. don't really think about it too much though...don't really want to. I hate to look at pictures of him from the last few months of his life. I can't believe that I didn't see (at the time)...
  7. Barbie

    Got Some Free Stuff you Might Like

    Free stuff, you pay the shipping. Transfer Stand: this is a cool thing if you can still support your weight. Pals stands up and leans on it, the stand rotates and the pals sits down. my husband was using it until the very last day. Various Pillows: one is a bipap pillow that was never...
  8. Barbie

    Barbie's Ken Doll

    I can't believe that I am posting in this beautiful husband, Lonny, died suddenly this morning at 11:10 am. he seemed to rally last week but then on Saturday started feeling weak again. Sunday was a bad day--no crisis but so weak and could not enjoy a family dinner that we had...
  9. Barbie


    How common is incontinence? and is this something more common at the end stages? and what about not even realizing that you've had an accident? could it be related to Ativan?
  10. Barbie

    Redman Wheelchair

    We have a Redman wheelchair that is a backup for my husband. He used it for about 5 years, and would like to get rid of it now. I think it is a 2009 model, with the standing feature and a Roho cushion. I replaced the batteries in 2012 or 13. I keep it charged and it runs pretty good and would...