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    finally at peace

    RIP B. Fettig died of ALS Jan, 2016.
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    difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth

    Can someone tell me the difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth disease. I know Charcot Marie Tooth is genetic. I would appreciate any info.
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    What question to ask Neurologist.

    I see a local neurologist and he states I have neuromuscular problem but does no think it is ALS. He refers me to Mayo in Rochester. After four days of tests at Mayo, the Mayo dr. diagnosis me with probable ALS. I know that is pretty dialed in. In my notes the Neurologist states "I don't...
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    where to receive stem cell treatment

    It seams like stem cell treatment is the hot topic now. In the US the FDA is wanting to regulate it, so where do you go? Bone Marrow stem cell treatment sounds interesting, but is there anywhere reputable in the US doing it outside clinical trials? It is difficult to get into the clinical...
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    diagnosis process

    How long will it bebefore there is a test for ALS? All my blood test and MRI came back normal, but because of the EMG I am in ALS limbo.:?:
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    Probable ALS

    Last December I saw a neurologist for my right leg muscle wasting and weakness. He ran some tests and could not rule out ALS. My husband and I just came back from Mayo with a prognosis of probable ALS. They want to see me in three months and start Riluzole. My blood work and MRI have come...