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    maybe this appt

    Well appt on the 6th.a lot weaker in arms and shoulders..see if I tick boxes now..if not.I may say to him off the record about use of mm..and I have got my pain management clinic changed to Dr Notcutt for July and want to commend him for his work, also ask why no more research has been done...
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    tech No

    Just discovered several messages from you folks going back 18mths or so....can you guess im not great with technology ..xxthanks for your thoughts. Xx
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    typing apps?

    I can still type but thinking ofvsaving energy..Just wondering what apps there is to type via speech...any recommendations?.
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    two weeks since ivig

    well two weeks in to this ivig thing...still fail to see any difference, other than a blistery rash on hands...if anything been more twitchy as worried bout a friend another appt in six weeks or so.. Take care folks Pete
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    sleep hiccups anyone?

    well Doris recorded me in my sleep in preparation of a respiritory tests on thurs..i do weird hiccup things, more or less non stop..(anyone else had this?) and occasionly sleep apena,,:(
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    unsure post on here

    further to mmn being mentioned because of slow progression...i have last week had the spinal tap and 3 day ivig infusion....yet to feel any effect...some say it may take a while...
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    hopeful good news

    Hi folks...i know i haven't been on the site much...nothing against anyone, just my way of dealing/ignoring with my diagnosis..Went to see Dr Dick,,,(snigger) yesterday for my 2nd opinion...he is leaning away from mnd as lack of umn signs, and is thinking maybe mmn..:)spinal tap and ivig to...
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    becoming real

    had to change diagnosis status....lack of strength over past few weeks has made it seem too real to ignore..arms are too tired, so given the car keys over to Doris...grrr.....on a lighter note having a nerve zapping thing done on my back first thing in the morning....hopefully with more luck...
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    hiccups when sleeping

    Can i ask the folks out there if anyone else has this ...?. Doris tells me i do funny things at night(lol)..i hiccup a lot in my sleep..she describes it as a cross between retching and hiccuping so violently that it shakes the bed and wakes her..i'm also finding i have large myoclonic jerks as...
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    Just a note to say 'Hi'..and although I've not been on here much, other than a quick glance, you are often in my thoughts..especially Tillie,Caroline, David and Vicki.......'Doris' and i are halfway through our six months of fertility treatment, no luck yet..:(... And believe it or not we have...