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  1. saska

    Stem Cell Study Zeros in on Cause

    This was just posted on msn's website: Sharon
  2. saska

    A Hello from Mike (maybe...)

    Hi, I've been vacillating about posting this, but every time I think about this story, I smile. So, I thought it might give someone else a lift, too. My friend, Mike, was an avid music fan and introduced me to a lot of music. After he was in the hospice in-patient facility for a couple...
  3. saska

    Rest in Peace, Mike

    Hi, Mike died last night. His son said he died peacefully. I saw him last Saturday, and he asked that I call last Thursday. He didn't want me to come Thursday or Saturday, though; and when I called yesterday, his son told me he's pretty much sleeping now, but it would be fine if I wanted to...
  4. saska

    Just Thanks

    Hi, I do volunteer massage for hospice and was referred almost a year ago to Mike, who has ALS. We hit it off immediately; and until he lost most of his ability to talk, we had a lot of fun sharing a love of music and laughing about common experiences. I am very grateful to know someone of...