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    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Conversion

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Conversion Transmission: Automatic w/Overdrive • Engine Size: 3.8L - V6 • Exterior: Dark Teal (Magnesium Green) • Interior: Grey • Drive Train: Front Wheel Drive Side entry power ramp. Vehicle 'kneels'. Removable front seats so that wheelchair can be located...
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    Love to Gina

    Hello Gina: My sympathy goes out to you. This is such a difficult time. Your husband's courage--and yours--will be something you can hold in your heart, I hope it will eventually give you peace. It is a relief when the suffering of someone you love so much is over--but then the 'missing...
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    Please don't feel badly, CF., your post was perfectly appropriate. As you say, we share the disease and the caregiving in common and we especially understand the distress of those who are just joining the forum. Thank you for your words of comfort. I'm certain you will be a great support in...
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    too sad

    Hello Mary Helen: Please accept my condolences, this is such a difficult time for you. I know that you will treasure your father's words when "he told me how much he appreciates all I've done, and he could never be able to repay me." Those are the things you will hold in your heart. And I...
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    Taking ativan says he feels worse?

    Thanks so much for your condolences, I do appreciate them. I should have said that I think age might make a difference. My husband, although he was extremely healthy and strong prior to diagnosis with ALS, was almost 80 when he died.
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    Taking ativan says he feels worse?

    Hello Jackiemax: I'm certain that every individual is different. Here are the things that I noted in the two to three weeks before my husband's death. At this time he could still do a standing transfer from the manual wheelchair onto the bed/toilet but could no longer walk. He then became...
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    Caregiving has been a task full of love, tears, stress, sleepless nights and continual surprises about the strength of my husband’s spirit. I am so proud of him. Now that he is at peace I wish all caregivers a journey in which you also find richness, love and a sense of achievement along the way.
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    Thank you for your company along this road

    I've gained much support and information during the year I've spent with you and that has made our journey easier. My husband died so peacefully and easily last night amid much love. Goodbye and thank you for your company along this difficult road.
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    Taking ativan says he feels worse?

    Thanks, Jackiemax, for the advice. My husband is close to the end of his journey and so the morphine and Ativan keep him comfortable. I can see that otherwise they would not be appropriate. This isn't an easy road is it? But we have had eighteen months in which our lives have been enriched in...