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    Hello everyone- I want to share the end of my story

    Hello everyone. I have posted here before. I would like to post one final time and share the end of my story in hopes that it will help those who come here in future in a similar situation to mine. This will be long, so please don't feel like you need to read it- I am not seeking help, but just...
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    Question about atrophy (with photos)

    Hello everyone, I have a previous thread here: I do not want to waste anyone's time, and am thankful to Laurie for her valuable insight already. I am posting because I am would really appreciate anyone's input on...
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    Deeply Concerned

    I want to keep this thread short as possible- tough to do since my story is long. I have read all stickies and have in fact been lurking on forum for months. I know everyone here my name as creepy as it sounds. I have never felt so deeply empathetic toward a group of people as I now do toward...