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    Neurologist follow up

    Going in on Friday for a follow up with my neurologist because I have finished physical therapy with no improvement. I was previously diagnosed with cramp fasiculation syndrome but it doesn’t appear to be the case because I have weakness and atrophy noted by my physical therapist... which at the...
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    My previous threads are old and have been locked so that is why I’m opening a new thread. A couple months ago I did get an emg and based on the results my neurologist came to the conclusion I have cramp fasiculation syndrome. The reason why I was given that diagnosis was because to him I didn’t...
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    I went back to my original post but it was closed so I am opening a new post. I received my EMG today and was told that I do not have also based on my readings but I have BFS. Appreciate everyone listening to me and wanted to post that you all were correct and Thank you for listening.
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    Trouble getting a neurologist referal

    Hello all, Let me tell you my whole story... I started having pain(muscle ache) in my shoulder March first. Went to a redicare Dr on March 11th and let the Dr know the muscle pain is also in my arm as well as shoulder and moving around. Was told this was myalagia and to follow up with primary...