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    Stephen Hawking

    Steven Hawkins passed away. RIP
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    During the mechanical ventilation secretions from the upper respiratory tract accumulate above the endotracheal tube cuff .The secretions must be sucked off.A lady of my new nursing service says that it can be done with non-steril gloves. I think that's dangerous nonsense. What do you think...
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    Thrombosis prophylaxis

    Hello, My doctor suggested thrombosis prophylaxis because I'm lying in bed. Never heard that ALS patients need it. Does anyone have experience with it? Ardalon
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    At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent with loving and serving others with God's own love and concern. by Mother Theresa Wishing all a bright festive season.
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    Hi, There is something positive I have to report.I have a granuloma ( proud flesh ) at my tracheostroma.We have applied Trea tree oil ( from the Australian teatree )for seven weeks and now it's nearly gone. When it occured my docotor said that I have to go to hospital to have it removed by...
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    a wish

    A man and a wife, both sixty years old, are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.There comes a fairy and says each of them has one wish. The woman wants a world trip together with her husband. Oh, suddenly she has tickets for plane and boat passages in her hands. The man wants a woman who...
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    hi has anyone ever had a granuloma at the tracheostoma? And how was it removed? I am scared.
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    would like to get in touch

    Hi Would like to in touch with someone like me, diagnosed ALS in 2013 I'm German. If one is interested, please pm, vm me or answer here!
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    Merry Christmas

    For the upcoming Christmas I wish everybody blessed hours together with your loved ones and for the new year 2015 every good fortune and strength. Arda
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    scooter/electric wheelchair

    Hi there, have a question. Has anybody already experience with the electric wheelchair Go-Chair M35? Thinking of buying one. thanks Arda