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    Haven't been around for a while....update?

    Hi Folks, I haven't been here in a time, I am trying to just move on with things as they have been. I was diagnosed a few years back as having LMD and have just been moving along and trying to deal with it. Recently because of some issues I was sent for a swallowing test and it is found that I...
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    Been Prescribed....not sure?

    I was diagnosed with LMND in the spring, I just had a follow up appt with neuro doc and he has prescribed "dilantin". I know it seems wrong to question his knowledge, but I really don't feel this is a prescription I should be taking. I do have the option from him to call with results with a...
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    Is this/should I be...concerned?

    I have notice that some nights, not all but a lot nights, I don't seem to move through the night. Legs don't move right, arms don't move right etc. although in my mind/sleep... I wake and feel restless. I used have and still do on occasion, have very severe leg cramps...but in some ways, it's...
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    I don't want to sound like I have no mobility or anything but I have found in recent months although I am mobile, I have less and less stamina to go on in the run of a day and I am not quite sure I understand this. I have had issues all along with stairs and stepping in particular....but this...
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    Why...and do you bruise?

    I have noticed recently that I bruise at the drop of a hat. Opening something, knocking something and sometimes I don't even know what it is I have done, I just see the end result. Does anyone else notice this and if so do you know why it is? Is this from the loss of muscle...but I thought...
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    Physio....thank you

    Just wanted to thank you all for the heads up in regards to physio. I went yesterday and while it is more unusual in these parts, they know of someone in the area that does do water physio. They are going to try in the next week or so to get the number for me. All along I have always done yoga...
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    Going to physio

    Hi, I was advised to go to physio and wonder if there is anything I should know. We do not have a specialized ALD/MND physiotherapist in this area so I wonder if there are some things I should know or ask this person next week? Thanks
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    When muscle stops hurting

    I have come to a realization lately. It used to be that I would just ask/pray for muscles to stop hurting but now I am seeing/realizing that when they do....they really are just not working/functional anymore. Scares me to think that the muscles that are now hurting....may soon be or become...
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    Having a hard time with a leg

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time with limbs in general but one leg in particular is proving to be more difficult. If I stand or walk for a time it is an issue but if I sit on a chair of any sort, even just to try and drive the car a short distance somewhere it still proves to be a problem...
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    Been here for awhile...but newly diagnosed

    Hi, I have been on this site off and on for some time with symptoms and questions etc. Unfortunately in the last couple of weeks I ave been given the diagnosis of "motor neuron disease>anterior horn cell". All of my symptoms seem to stay within the LMND aspect, not ALS. I am one those that...