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    Living Will

    The decision to have a living will or not is yours alone. My mother passed away from ALS on July 27th. I can tell you because she made her wishes clear with a living will. Her final days ended in the manner she wanted.
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    A difficult question

    We have just engaged hospice for my mom. We are hoping they will insure mom is comfortable in the last stages of her life. It was hard to make the decision but we hope it is best for her.
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    When is ALS Consider End Stag

    My mother is 81 and was diagnosed with ALS approximately 3 years ago. At her last visit to the ALS clinic her FVC was measured at 30% diaphragm muscles at 21% and 25%. Her oxygen level was at 95%. When I measured it last week her oxygen level was at 93%. She is on a feeding tube and has a bipap...
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    ALS and iPads for communication?

    I mom has an iPad she can use to communicate. She has SpeakIt and the free version of Verbally+ . Verbally+ has many more options and seems to be a more comprehensive program. For her purse I purchased a 7inch Android table. The free software package she uses on it is called TalkNow. TalkNow...
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    27 and just diagnosed with ALS

    I'm not sure if it will help you or not. There has not been scientific study but last week I started my mom on an unproven protocol. If you search the web you can find an e-mail and they will reply with information. Again I'm not sure if it works or not. It's likely a long shot but ..... Steve
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    2nd Opinoins & How they work?

    Amanda, SLU and Washington University are both very fine organizations. After the local neurologist diagnosed my mom with ALS we took her to Washington University because we were able to get her in quicker. The doctors there were leaning toward a diagnosis of ALS and my father couldn't accept it...
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    2nd Opinoins & How they work?

    Amanda, My mom's diagnosis of ALS was confirmed by a second / third opinion in September. Our family leaves about 25 miles from St Louis. I believe in the St Louis area there are two groups which specialize in motor neuron diseases. SLU Care which is associated with the ALS Clinic and Washington...