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    Mom At Peace Now

    Thank you all so much for your responses. Even though I don't know you I know that you all understand better than anyone else. God bless you all. Sophia
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    Mom At Peace Now

    I know I haven't contributed a lot to this forum but I did get a lot of comfort and understanding about this awful disease from reading what others wrote. For that I will be eternally grateful. My Mom died yesterday. She put up a very good fight but heart failure took her from me. I am so...
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    is als painful?

    I know everyone has different experiences with this awful disease but your Mom sounds a lot like my Mom. She has had ALS for three years now and it has affected her limbs mostly. She can still talk and eat but her breathing is getting involved now (at 50% now). She calls the pain "nerve...
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    Help - Where do PALS sit all day

    My Mom spends most of her time on her bed. It is a hospital bed with one of the mattresses that adjust the air periodically to prevent pressure sores. She has an electric wheelchair but can't sit in it for more than an hour. She says it is uncomfortable and feels like she's "sitting on her...
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    Pain and ALS

    Hi Thank you all for your comments on suggestions for my Mom's pain. Yes having the covers on her legs creates more pain. Usually she has her feet uncovered so they don't warm up. Her feet were swelling a lot too and we went to the doctor. He trippled her lasex dose and it seems to have...
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    Why Cant I view a profile?

    Hi Unknown: I asked the same question a couple of days ago. I have been reading lots but not posting. I think there's a "magic" number of posts that you have to do before you get more priviledges. Welcome to the forum. There's lots of information here for everyone.
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    This Is My Story Of Hope!

    Thanks for the hope Hi: As a caregiver of my Mom who was diagnosed with ALS in June of this year your story is an inspiration to us. Mom keeps on saying she plans to live at least another 15 years and to hear that that is even possible with this disease is indeed a relief for me. Is it just...
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    Is there a waiting period for registration

    Thanks for the info. on the waiting period. I will try to be more interactive. I didn't realize I was being too quiet! It's my nature to listen more than talk.
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    Is there a waiting period for registration

    Why can't I see my own profile or anyone elses? I also can't see any pictures that anyoneposts. I get a box that says I don't have permission to view those things. Am I doing something wrong. I am confused as to how it works.
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    Pain and ALS

    Thanks Thank you all for your input. I will be asking the doctor about pain management next time I go with my Mom. She does take pain medication for other things......she has spinal stenosis, osteoperosis, heart problems and takes the medication when the pain gets really bad although she...