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  1. smoochiegal

    Barbie's Ken Doll

    Barbie, Even though we know it is coming, we are never ready when it actually happens. I am thinking about you and sending you love and hugs. Cheryl
  2. smoochiegal

    My Grumpy has gained his wings

    Oh Kaye, I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you. Be gentle with yourself. And keep taking it one day at a time! Hugs hugs, Cheryl
  3. smoochiegal

    My Grumpy has gained his wings

    Oh Kaye, I am so sorry to hear about Randy's passing. I know only too well the feelings of relief for him and such utter sadness at not having him with you. I am sending you so many hugs and so much love. OX, Cheryl
  4. smoochiegal

    sending love and hugs

    Hello my friends, It has been a month since my sweet man got his angel wings. A month that feels like yesterday and feels like eternity. I just want to send you all a huge hug today. and strength to do what you have to do. hugs from miles away. OX Cheryl
  5. smoochiegal

    Lost a friend

    Oh Tillie, I am so sorry for your loss. Having to relive it again must be painful. You, my dear, are an earth angel for being able to step up and help them. God Bless you, my friend. OX Cheryl
  6. smoochiegal

    CALS Roll call

    My dear friends... Just a quick note to say that I am saying prayers for all of you today. For strength, for peace, for love, and maybe even a little bit of sleep.. Huge hugs to you all. OX Cheryl
  7. smoochiegal

    Is this where I belong now? :(

    Hello all of my dear friends. I have been thinking of all of you over the past few weeks, meaning to pop on here and chat, but felt like I was not sure where I belong anymore. I guess this is it. It has been 18 days without my sweet man. Although it feels like a lifetime... I often have the...
  8. smoochiegal

    No longer suffering

    Hello my dear friends who have been my sanity for the last year... On Thursday afternoon, my dear sweet husband passed away in his sleep. We had a great morning together. Had coffee together, showered him, he sat outside while I cut the grass. He wanted to have a nap about 2pm. I checked on...
  9. smoochiegal

    need some perspective...

    Hello my friends... What a rough go we have been having. I don't even know where or how to start.... My husband is so not him anymore. He was such a loving, caring man who would do anything to protect and show me how much he loves me. How he is doing angry hurtful things and when I ask him...
  10. smoochiegal

    I should have let everyone know earlier but...

    oh hunny, I am so sorry! But so thankful for a peaceful end to the suffering. Sending you love and hugs. Cheryl oxo