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  1. twitchykitty

    Switches for iPad

    Sorry to ask, MND qld came out and want me to get eye gaze now (it's free via them) so I can learn in time due to my speech & difficulties now using the iPad. I'm stuck in indecision city ! I prefer my iPad . I have searched threads and apple about the switches, but they were too technical or...
  2. twitchykitty

    Update re: overnight breathing

    My last thread closed so just a quick recap ( from 6 weeks ago) I added daytime issues I don't breathe well enough on my back when I wake up so I have to roll on my side where it's much easier (but uncomfortable) My last FVC was 33% August 2015 (local dr is chasing the new test up this week...
  3. twitchykitty

    Hospital bed vs mechanical bed

    Hello everyone I'd love some advice from pals and cals out there who have opted to get a standard electrical bed instead of a hospital bed I thought I'd better ask before forking out good money for it I'd prefer to stick to a double bed as I can't roll otherwise, I want to keep things as anti...
  4. twitchykitty

    Irritability and frustration

    Do most people ever fully overcome the frustration and irritability? Mums been caring for me since I was 29, admittedly the first 2 years I was really bad and the last year I've been 80% better but there's still times I can't keep it together and poor mum bears the brunt of it. I do tell her I...
  5. twitchykitty

    Questions about early nocturnal breathing symptoms

    Hello 😀 I was wondering what symptoms people experienced when they first started having breathing problems overnight ? My last lung function was 33% but my co2 was fine that was 7 months ago Lately I've been sleeping 10-12 hours and I'm still tired. I don't get headaches I can just get a fuzzy...
  6. twitchykitty

    Has anyone decided to not have a peg?

    Very recently My lung function Dropped from 75 to 45 over three months , I had Another test 4 weeks later and is still around 45. So the doctors asked me whether I want a peg or niv. To be honest I really do not want a peg. My reasons are I suffer from anxiety and got panicked having a alarm On...