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  1. WillyB

    Posting and getting replys

    When you start a new thread, and someone replies to it and you reply back, do you just click on the reply button, type in your reply, and then click on post reply or do you click on post quick reply? Is there a way to check and see if the person got the reply? Last question; if you get a reply...
  2. WillyB

    New electric chair.

    I don't know if any of you have or need an electric chair, but I just got a Permobil that will go 7 mph. it is true 7mph. Now I just have one comment for any first timers like myself. Don't do it. The chair is great, but no one needs to go 7mph in a wheelchair. Even in indoor mode I have just...
  3. WillyB

    Just joined

    I was so happy to find this forum, I joined immediately. I have had PLS for about 3 years now. It seems to have progressed pretty quick due to the fact I'm already in a chair, trouble speaking, drooling at times, swallowing, dropping things, and within the last few weeks uncontrollable laughter...