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    At peace, at last.

    My beautiful, brave mum passed away at home yesterday morning. I will miss her more than anything, but thank God this is over. She can now sleep peacefully and I am comforted in the thought that she is free of a life of MND. Thank you to everyone here who has helped make these last few weeks a...
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    Rising carbon dioxide?

    My mum is getting weaker and I think the carbon dioxide must be rising in her blood. I have visited her at home twice today and both times she couldn't open her eyes. She could hear me and nod, but couldn't wake up properly. She did have a carer help her with the shower this morning and she woke...
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    How much longer?

    My mum has deteriorated and become much weaker. Mum was diagnosed 18 months ago with Bulbar onset. She had aspiration pneumonia 12 months ago and been fed via PEG tube since then. She can't swallow anything anymore and can now not speak. She uses an ipad to communicate. She has become weaker in...
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    PALS doesn't like BiPAP

    My mum got a BiPAP machine (with nasal mask) last week and is trying to get used to it, but doesn't like it and feels as though she is suffocating. She has tried it for 10 mins a day and she sits and watches the clock the whole time, looking terrified. Will her life be shortened if she can't...
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    My mum has MND

    Hello, this is my first post on ALS forums. My mum has MND. Her onset is from the bulbar area. She cannot swallow, her speech is almost impossible to understand, she has to try and spit up oral secretions every waking moment, sleeps most of the day, has been fed via PEG tube for past 12 months...