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    EMG Update

    Hello, I posted a year ago when my father-in-law passed away from ALS in 2012. My thread was locked, so here is a new post. This post concerns my S/O who has had a second round of EMG tests (first round was a year ago). Family History of ALS with 2 family members: Father passed away from...
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    My "Father-in-law" is free today.

    My significant other's father passed away this afternoon. Diagnosed in 2010, although we knew long before that day. Flags will always fly at half mast on the day he died, 9/11. I loved him dearly. I miss him already even if he is free.
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    New Member, Read Stickies, 2 Family Members with ALS

    Hello to the kind answerers. I've read as much as I can of the stickies and advice as I can. I have some questions about ALS in the context of my significant other (SO) and I provide the family background of why I am here, as I wouldn't be here without the familial ALS. Background: my SO and...