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    ALSA, ALS TDI, etc

    Hi, I have a question about ALS research, not sure if this is the correct place to ask. My husband was a DAV and passed away from ALS in 2015. I’m thinking about redoing my will and wanted to know what are good organizations that could benefit from donations in my will? I’ve heard that the ALS...
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    Handi Move ceiling lift question

    Hi. My husband died in July. The VA had installed a remote control ceiling lift for him, I am planning to donate it to a family that need it. I have had it off the charger and unplugged for some time, I plugged it back in today and it's not working. The indicator light on the thing that plugs...
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    Vets and home health assistance

    Also, ask about the bowel and bladder program if you haven't done so already. In addition to paying my husband almost $8500 a month, the VA also paid me directly about $45 a day (not tax free) to take care of those needs. He had the highest rating possible from them. They gave him 10 hours a...
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    CALS Roll call

    Although I've not been a member for very long, I just wanted to let everyone know that my husband Tom passed away Saturday evening. Our daughter happened to be visiting from Seattle, so we were both with him when he passed. He was on morphine and had been sleeping most of the day in his...
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    It's Over

    I have not been a member of this forum for very long, but I just wanted to say that my husband Tom passed away Saturday evening. Our daughter was visiting from Seattle and we were both with him when it happened. He passed peacefully, sleeping in his wheelchair. He was 59, a veteran, and was...
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    Where did u work

    My husband was in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years, in aircraft maintenance. After he retired from that he worked in a similar job as a civil service employee for seventeen years until he had to retire again for obvious health reasons.
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    CALS Roll call

    A similar thing happened to me, my husband fell backwards on the bathroom floor with me trying to hang onto him as he went down. He hit the back of his head on the tile and seemed a little shocked for a while. Luckily someone was in the other bathroom conversion doing some tiling so he helped me...
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    Daily Routine

    Thanks Barbie, Although I don't work our routines do sound similar. I was feeling a little guilty about not taking him out anymore but I think it would be too much for him now. I do miss having a normal conversation, when he does try to communicate it is also all care related. Today we have had...
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    Daily Routine

    Hello. My husband is in the end stages, can't do anything for himself, eats very little, no peg tube or vent etc. I was taking him out until about a month ago, I think he's too poorly for it now. I was curious as to what people's daily routines were at this stage. I usually get him up around 8...
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    CALS Roll call

    We also have a sienna, 2014. I called the dealer today and they said the ramp mechanism needs a 6 month service, any repairs are under warranty. So I have an appointment for that. We won't be going out much in it any more so I'm not too worried about it. It works if I push on it. Amanda.