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    I have read that many take Miralax for constipation problems. They have had on Senna which doesn't seem to agree with me. I told them i would like to try Miralax instead. Does anyone put it through a g tube? What dose do you take? I am down to 86 pounds and don't want to take too much or...
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    Has anyone noticed that your sense of smell gets more acute with ALS? Smells really bother me now, make me nauseous. I can smell odors that others just barely are aware of.
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    peg put in

    After reading all the responses here and contacting Beth directly I agreed to have a feeding tube placed. I am hopeful in the near future it will prove to life enhancing, which is what made me decide to get it. The procedure itself was horrible. Why can't I be like Joel or Glen and have...
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    Are any other bulbar onset people really thirsty all the time? I try to drink the 64 ounces a day but still am thirsty. Is it from mouth breathing and trying to talk, which I can't really do anymore? I have also stared thickening liquids, juice and even my wine before dinner, with a product...
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    trip insurance

    My husband and I are planning a trip to the Caribbean for January, can't let ALS stop us from living. It is quite a ways off and although we have every intention of going and at this point I am certainly able to take such a trip one never knows. I have been looking at trip cancellation...
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    mouth problems

    I have bulbar onset and am having trouble when eating I keep biting the insides of my cheeks, also when I sneeze, came down with a cold last week, the same thing and I put my front teeth into my bottom lip. When I sleep my teeth seem to clench, not grind but slam together and it wakes me up...
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    I've just come down with my first cold post diagnosed, bulbar onset. Last night I couldn't lie down because of coughing, choking, and gasping for breath. I spent the night sitting up, a good thing this forum doesn't have live camera or I would scare you all. Does anyone have any suggestions...