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    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Conversion

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Conversion Transmission: Automatic w/Overdrive • Engine Size: 3.8L - V6 • Exterior: Dark Teal (Magnesium Green) • Interior: Grey • Drive Train: Front Wheel Drive Side entry power ramp. Vehicle 'kneels'. Removable front seats so that wheelchair can be located...
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    Caregiving has been a task full of love, tears, stress, sleepless nights and continual surprises about the strength of my husband’s spirit. I am so proud of him. Now that he is at peace I wish all caregivers a journey in which you also find richness, love and a sense of achievement along the way.
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    Thank you for your company along this road

    I've gained much support and information during the year I've spent with you and that has made our journey easier. My husband died so peacefully and easily last night amid much love. Goodbye and thank you for your company along this difficult road.
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    Do’s and Don’ts for Friends of the Caregiver

    Here's my list of Do’s and Don’ts for Friends of the Caregiver 1. Bless you for NOT giving me advice unless I’ve asked for it. (OK, I’ve been guilty of advice-giving in my time but I’ve learned a lot in these last two years!) Be my friend and not my health care professional, I’ve got plenty...
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    Red lights and spray bottles . . .

    I've recently had to buy a new flashlight and I'm really pleased with a small 'Maglite' that has a red filter. I use it when I get up at night to adjust my PALS Bipap mask. You can see well enough with the red filter and yet it's not nearly as disturbing as a bright white light would be. You...
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    Bipap: ResMed Liberty Mask adaptation

    As requested, photos of an adaptation to the ResMed Liberty mask to deal with nose pillows that slip out when moist. Cut a strip of thick 'Polar fleece' 3/4 of an inch wide and 7.5 inches long, with an added curve to a wider section in the centre of one long side. Sew a tiny piece of loop...
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    Neck Brace--Home made collar

    For anyone who wants to construct a home made collar. Cervical collar (There should be 5 photos with these instructions) What you need for a medium to small collar: 24” by 4” of 1 ½ ” or 1 ¾ “ thick foam 4” by 4” piece of dense (firm) foam (Density of 'M70') About 6” of 2” wide webbing...
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    Rapid breathing on Bipap

    Has anyone experienced 'rapid breathing' with a Bipap? Almost as soon as my husband goes to sleep he starts taking tiny breaths at about one per second. This goes on for about 30 seconds and then he'll take normal breaths for a while. Then the cycle is repeated. During the rapid breathing...
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    Rear view mirror for Invacare TDX5?

    Does anyone who uses an Invacare TDX5 have a rear view mirror? Since my husband's neck and back are affected it is impossible for him to see what's behind him when he backs up. He uses the tilt and recline features and thus the neck of the mirror needs to be flexible so it can be reorientated...