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    need advise

    I have a ? OK i am not going to get feeding tube. My ? is,,,,in GODS eyes will this be looked at as suicide? Please help. PaulaB
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    ALS Hotline inspired by Candd

    Has anyone ever heard of a als hotline? I am wondering if there is a number to call and talk to someone like say when you are feeling down. Perhaps we need to start one or do something. This group is great but,,if a stressed out person was able to call and talk to someone rather than wait for...
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    I felt normal again

    Since day 1 of getting diagnosed my world has changed. I went from driving semi truck to not driving. Everyday it seems i have people asking me,,can i do anything for you or get you anything? Do ya need this or need that? Please dont get me wrong. Its not that i didnt or dont appreciate...
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    als and the menstrual cycle

    als and the menstrual cycle I hope someone can help me with this question. Altho i do feel funny posting it. I am 42,i have als. Does anyone know if als stops menstural cycle?