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    Mild paresis in right vocal fold and bulbar

    Thanks to all of you for any input. I am really hoping that one of the new meds shows promise soon. I had started another thread regarding my symptoms and was much relieved, however now I have new information. Here are my symptoms. I am 54 y.o. 11/2012 abrupt onset of pain and burning...
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    Is this alsqq

    To all, I thank you for your time and appreciate any response. I am hoping that they find some effective treatment very soon for this very cruel disease. My symptoms started almost four and one half months ago. It came on suddenly with burning and pain that migrated though out my body, ankles...
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    What about TDP-43/FUS testing for diagnosis?

    I would like to start off by saying that I admire the courage of all of you and willingness to help other people. Truly inspirational. I have been diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and BFS and have a question that may help other people. Did anyone consider getting gene testing TDP-43/FUS to help...