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    Just starting with Hoyer lift

    Oh yes, Hoyer lifts are so much helpful for the physically handicapped people. If a person can't move his body, then this type of lift can help him a lot. In the same way, stair lifts are also helpful for those people who face the problem in climbing up and down the stairs in their home.
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    Oral care

    Hey "ALSmom", thanks very much for asking this question in this forum. Actually one of my friend is also having this particular problem and i was also thinking to post this question in this forum, but you did it... :)
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    Any one using a feeding pump?

    Hello "kitty", i haven't used feeding pump yet. But i have heard about it. Will you please like to give me a little information about this.
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    Hello people I'm 16 and im really scared

    Hey "RexX", i am feeling very sad after reading your post. I have condolence with you and i suggest you to go to a doctor as soon as possible.
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    I'm sure i have als

    I am also with the statement of "Notme". The symptoms you gave are not the symptoms of ALS. You should consult to a doctor immediately.
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    Stressing out major over ALS...

    Hi "hamdog", you are in a very critical situation and i would like to suggest you to go to a doctor for the treatment as soon as possible.
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    Hello to everyone!

    Hello to all members, I am also a new member of this forum.