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    hoffmans sign

    I now have Hoffman's sign. Is this als related? Scared now
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    question about emg

    First and foremost, let me say that I'm not a professional and I don't want to question my neurologist since he is the and Dr in the als clinic here where I live. I am co fident in his decisions with me saying I do not have als and so I'm not on the als thing anymore. However. While he was doing...
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    emg monday

    Seen an als Dr said normal exam said no als But wants emg to rule out other things. He's doing it himself so he can tell me how it goes as he's doing it. So what can I expect? How should I prepare? Thanks on advanced
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    Hi, I'm new yes I read the sticky, yes I still have questions

    Wondering if als can present in one sided. Meaning. I have the feeling of weakness in my left upper arm and left upper leg. Seeing neuro on Monday for further evaluation. But was curious if anyone knew if it normally presents that way. Er Dr said no. But I've heard other stories. Thanks