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    smiling widow...kabam!

    Barbie, you hit the nail on the head. We have choices, don't we? And I choose to celebrate life now, and remember the good times without ALS when my guy was healthy and active. But those tears do fall at unexpected moments! Love hearing that my sisters in this club are doing okay! Steph...
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    smiling widow...kabam!

    Steph, it's been a long time since I've been on the forum-(part of my moving on with the healing) but have been thinking about you a lot. So glad to see you and Julien are opening new doors and having some fun experiences! Steve is smiling to see his loved ones "okay". I came home from...
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    steve has passed

    Tears for you and Julien today and in the hard transition months ahead. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Donna
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    5 months in...

    Barbie,so glad you are finding yourself again and are able to smile again. Know that is what our pals want/wanted for us. Like you, those moments of feeling his presence are so reassuring- and know our guys want our happiness as a tribute to the love we shared. Hugs to our Warrior Princess...
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    Max's Birthday

    IiWIT- but nevertheless you are so missed! Know that you are still making the most of every day with Sandy, and enjoying the dogs and your lovely new home. Happy birthday,dear man. You have inspired so many. Hugs and kisses, Donna
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    Um...'helpful' people

    Personally, I would be more upfront. I would say something like " This is a disease with no cure and at this time acceptance is the most positive way for us to deal with it. We try to enjoy each day and accept that as a gift. Although we know you are trying to be helpful, it is distressing...
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    Ensure Plus or Boost Plus Prices and bargains

    Also check the ad section insert that comes with the newspaper. They often have coupons for ensure products.
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    generators for home backup

    Steph, if you still have housing money left, believe you can use it. We got our generator BEFORE we applied for the housing grant but would certainly have used it as part of the grant if we had waited. Believe the grant can be done in 3 parts as long as you stay within the $ limit. A great...
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    Words to live by!

    Oh Mark, we have so missed your humor! Thanks for making us smile again. Love you. Donna
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    When to use Hospice???

    with ALS the 6 month or less standard is not applicable.