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  1. J

    Condition Update

    It has been awhile since I posted. My condition has deteriorated to a point. Since my last post we have returned to the USA from Europe to be closer to the children and grandchildren. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones since it appears that my ALS is of a slower progressing type...
  2. J

    Are you serious?

    This is not a joke but felt this would be the right place. Went tonight to the ER for chest pains. When the ER physician was told about my ALS, he asked me what the prognosis was. I thought ''are you kidding me". They admitted me for observation, the cardiologist with two interns and a...
  3. J

    Our place

    I love the people that complain to me about their colds,flu arthritis and other ailments. They come to me for advice because of my medical training. I'm just to exhausted to do it anymore, so now I just ask, wanna trade? Snaps them back to reality real quick!;)
  4. J

    It makes no sense!

    I have been attempting to get compensation for ALS from the VA. Since the process and appeal system was taking so long, I decided to ask for a pension instead since I'm unable to work. With in one month I was approved for the pension because of the inability to work. Now here comes the...
  5. J


    While in the States last month, I became aware of another one of those "Really" experiences with ALS. We were staying at a motel with a swimming pool, well I always make use of a swimming pool it makes me feel better, at least in the past. As I eased into the pool, the floating sensation was...
  6. J

    My Horror Story

    My big horror story. After seeing several muscular neurologists, I decided to get one more opinion. This time I researched the internet to find a person that had some clout in the ALS network. With help from the ALS organization and many hours I found a neurologist I thought could give me a...
  7. J

    Welcome wet bed.

    Tonight after a long exhausting trip from Europe to the USA, I had a new happening while I slept. I know all about urinary urgency and getting to the bathroom on time problems. This time the urgency didn't come and I awakened to a wet bed. I know there are many opinions that say incontinence...
  8. J


    Just another question, at what stage of ALS did you decide it was time to stop driving. I just went from a stick shift to an automatic because of left foot problems with shifting. Thanks.
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    My question to the forum members is: How was it when you could no longer walk? Did it come all at once or was it gradual. My legs are starting to have trouble supporting me now, they start wobbeling when I stand and then give out. Just trying to see what is in the future, expectation. Thanks.
  10. J

    Something New

    I didn't expect it quite this soon. I wanted to help in the garden, my arms would not comply, no strength. My shoulders are starting to droop and I lean to the left, trunk strength is weakened. It is a real dance getting up from the couch. Just more adaptation, then good to go for the next...