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    Update report

    Hello everyone Bella Hill here I'm not certain if this is the right place to post but I have an update. First I want to thank everyone who assisted us through this hard time and I will not be posting here again. We had the third emg as requested by Parkland's neurologist and everything turned...
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    Sorry but I have a update and a concern

    Hello I'm sorry to bother you I'm not sure if you remember me my husband thought he had Als but his emg only showed signs of myopathy. I have let the thought go but yesterday we went to Parkland for a clinical exam with a neuro and we suspected that after seeing the emg they would do a muscle...
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    Thank you all

    I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your assistance and comments. I'm sorry if we bothered any of you I understand that you are dealing with this illness as best as you all can and I admire your strength. If anyone cared for the update we saw our final neurologist and he said no Als...
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    My husband fears ALS

    permalinkBellaBells He went to a neurologist today he didnt do an emg he felt it wasn't neccessary. He did a clinical exam and said my husband seems stronger than him even though he explained how weak his neck and legs are. He did say he sees a lot of symptoms of parkison's disease but not a...
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    My husband believes he has Als

    My name is Bella. I am 23 years old I am married to a wonderful man. My husband is a 35 year old male and he has been sick for about 3 months with terrible symptoms. He did get some MRI's done and it did show that he has bulging disc in his neck and lower back. Also known as herniated disc in...