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  1. notme

    Still want to write the ALS fundraiser book

    Hey Guys I still want to write the ALS fundraiser book. I'd like to get your "Stories" and make them interesting and still informative enough to lure readers. My goal is to give all the proceeds to ALS Guardian Angels. It'd take me a while as I"m not as fast--but I think I could do it and...
  2. notme

    Can I have some opinions from readers?

    Hey All I have a favor to ask you nice reading folks. My paranormal romance, Linked, did pretty well on the Zon. I have the second one coming out in April...but I need to pick a cover for it. Can you look at these two and tell me which you think is better? THe one with the clock or the one...
  3. notme

    Time to Ask the PLS crowd again

    Hey Guys I've been trying to refrain about posting here about my ongoing issues but really have nowhere else to turn other than the experts that live with this neuro crap daily. Here's what's going on: Falls: I'm losing my balance and falling--too much. Twice this week alone. My legs just...
  4. notme

    For New People: Muscle Fatigue vs Weakness

    Hello This post is for those that are concerned they have ALS. More and more new folks here are asking questions about weakness. Here is a very simple explanation in layman terms. Perceived weakness is a 'feeling'. It's not an actuality. Clinical weakness will show up on a clinical...
  5. notme

    Happy New Year

    Just wanted to post a Happy New Year to everyone here! May a cure be found this year!
  6. notme


    If you are newly diagnosed, feel free to hit that little start thread button at the tip left here on this section (or anywhere else on these forums) and all those with the answers you need will answer pretty quickly with the best of their abilities. Please, don't feel like you will be...
  7. notme

    For the more medically knowledgable

    Hey guys Got a question. I know, you're shocked, right. I've been trying to ignore this problem as bad contacts, getting older, needing new glasses, blood pressure...well, you get the idea. I'm having increasing bouts of double vision and severe blurry vision. So,etimes they last a few...
  8. notme

    It's CHF

    Verdict is in. Doc has decided its CHF. Now he wants to figure out what of a zillion causes it could be. I complicate things because of my complicated medical issues. I had to laugh at that. Half my meds aren't supposed to be taken with this or that. I'm on 3 blood pressure meds now. Two CHF...
  9. notme

    Question for the PLS crowd or those with spasticity in legs

    Hi Guys, I'm having some problems with increased spasticity and cramps again, and with my other meds, don't really want to increase the baclofen. For the last ten days or so, I've been taking daily walks with my daughter. It seems to help a bit, at least short term, but I was wondering if it's...
  10. notme

    Doesn't matter anymore. Just too done

    I keep trying. We barely exist on my SSDI a d the foodstamps. Barely. The electric is ggoi g to be shut off on the 15th, shrug. They denied the medically needy thing, they said we didn't return the forms. Hello We didn't get the forms. I've trashed my back so bad, I couldn't go with Mel to the...