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  1. Ande

    If you are a teenager and suffer from fears about ALS, read this.

    Some of you might remember me as the kid who was worried about ALS over 2 months back. I got rid of my ALS fears and I hope this post will help other people too. So first of all I don't have ALS, and probably will never have. This is confirmed by 2 neurologists, and no I didn't have EMG because...
  2. Ande

    Frightened that I have ALS

    I know I'm 17 years old and it's very rare for me to have ALS on this age, but I still hope you hear me out on this. This all started with muscle twitching about 4 weeks ago. I felt it in my legs and in my back which was really weird feeling. I also noticed that when I was standing still my...