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  1. sadiemae

    Trouble finding Dr in Chigago to

    Posting for a friend. She is trying to find a Dr in Chicago to certify her husband for Medical MJ. In Illinois, you have to have a Dr you have you a relationship with to certify the need. Her husbands ALS doctors won't do it, and those are the only Dr's he sees. Any ideas?
  2. sadiemae

    My sweet Les is golfing again

    My husband Les died peacefully in his sleep this morning. He was a fighter and a lover. He went to sleep last night and was fine. I found him gone this morning. He was a wonderful husband, father, brother and son. I miss him so much, it is a crushing pain in my heart. Les was 49,and loved...
  3. sadiemae

    Surgery for my daughter

    Man, was looking for a thread and found this. Finally, on Feb 11th, 2014 she will have her surgery.
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    So what are you Cals with kids at home doing that havekids at home an no insurance, and can not qualify for Medicaid. In the past we have just went without, however, things have CHANGED. We did elect a pres who said we would get CHANGE, and I voted for him. We get $1800 a month in SSDI, my...
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    Good article're-Telling-You-to-Get-a-Feeding-Tube-by-Colin-Portnuff.pdf
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    Some good articles for our new members

    Welcome to all our new members.Here are some good threads to read.
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    Your user name, what does it mean?

    We have this discussion before. Sadiemae is our beloved dog, and my husbands angel and best friend. She is not the dog on my avatar. Sadiemae is a Border collie/ golden lab mix. She is white, with black spots like the Budweiser dog, or the old RCA dog. She weighs 88 lbs, and is on a diet...
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    long time no see

    Hi all. Been awhile since I have been here. All is good, just took a break. Will take awhile to get caught up.
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    Must read threads!

    Hi, For you new members, here are a few "oldies but goodies" for you to read.
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    Survey for FDA Meeting Feb 25th

    A quick survey about clinical trials.