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  1. pscheffel

    My Mom...My Heart

    ALS took Mom from us on the evening of December 5th at 54 years of age, in her home with close friends and family by her side. Ultimately respiratory failure. She took her final breath peacefully, thanks to heavy meds. I believe she held on strong to witness her son (my brother) marry his love...
  2. pscheffel

    Final Stages

    Does anyone have an idea on what the final stage of the ALS combined with the FTD consist of? Thanks!
  3. pscheffel


    My Mom ended up in the hospital on Saturday night because she was having a difficult time breathing. She has bronchitis now and since she can't cough good, it's scary. She was released yesterday and we decided to bring on hospice for help. It just seems like she's taken a turn for the worse...
  4. pscheffel

    Tongue problems

    Does anyone have advice on what to do when your PALS has big grooves and tearing on their tongue? It's almost as if my Mom's tongue is falling apart. I know it has to bother her. She hasn't been able to swallow in almost 2 months. Still doing ok with the PEG. I know her oral cavity is not as...
  5. pscheffel

    Hospice or No Hospice

    I am debating on this. I know there are pros and cons. Is it too soon? Just found out yesterday my Mom does not qualify for Medicaid assistance, therefore, no home health assistance. I am still having to work full time and have used all my FMLA when I had my 6 month old. My Mom can no longer...
  6. pscheffel


    My MOM just celebrated her 54th birthday on September 28th. She's awesome!
  7. pscheffel


    Has anyone gone without taking it? My Mom is in a 'donut hole' with Humana and when my Dad went to pickup her Rilutek Rx, it was $500 for 1 month supply. I don't know what to do. She is progressing pretty fast, can no longer swallow. She walks and is still pretty active for the amount of muscle...
  8. pscheffel

    Do the crying spells ever end?

    I mean for me.....not my Mom who has been stricken by this horrible disease. I don't know if it is the meds she is on or the FTD she has, probably a combo of them both. She has very little emotions going on. I ask her all the time......However, I am amazed at how many emotions I can go through...
  9. pscheffel

    Not fair

    Well, yesterday I woke up and got ready for work, Mom didn't stop by at 7am like she normally does. So I called her and no answer. I find out shortly after that Mom's sister (the fake one who is milking the disability system and cares only for herself) has picked her up at 5am so they can take...
  10. pscheffel

    Man.....where's my thread

    I posted something yesterday, regarding my Mom and a new obstacle I need help to overcome and it went to mediation and still is not there. What to do? Sucks!