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    Role call?

    I just noticed that the thread has closed. I am still here. Angie
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    Dust off the Bar......

    The thread closed? Ha! I shall just start another. Can't keep me down. Angie
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    Am I weird?

    Ok. Short answer......yup, no bout a doubt it. Christmas is my favourite time of year. The lights, decorations, movies, songs..... the list just doesn't stop. I'm not so fond of the cold, but I deal with it. So, here I am, looking forward to holiday get-togethers, seeing friends, visiting...
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    phone call

    *ring* Me: Hello, Angie speaking Them: Hello, I'm looking for Richard Me: Sorry. You might want to check your phone list. As I said, my name is Angie Them: Are you sure? Me: Pretty much. Checked the tag on my shirt. Yep, still Angie. Them: Oh, you're right Me: Thanks for reassuring me. I was...
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    just heard

    I just heard about procrastinator's anonymous. Sounds interesting... I'll have to look into it Maybe next week. Lol! Angie
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    Angie's thread

    Hi all New to forum board....Kinda new to accepting this crazy diagnosis..... still working, but REALLY starting to think it's getting the upper hand. Any suggestions?