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    I thought for sure I had ALS, here is my story!

    For everyone reading this I know what your thinking, you want reassurance that everything is ok with you and that your not dying. I was/am one of those people. My story begins on February 2016 when I was having some numbness and tingling issues with my right foot/toes, saw a podiatrist who was...
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    Emg questions part 2

    Hello, I would've reffered to my last post but due to time it was closed so I'm back reporting my results from April 2018 from Houston Methodist. The NCS/ emg were basically the same as 6 months prior, emg still showing chronic denervation with partial reeinnvation and NCS showing 40% slowing...
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    Emg questions.

    Hello to all, I just have a question about my most recent emg and ncv. It was stated that both were abnormal. It showed chronic denervation with partial reeinnervation along with many fasiculations without psws and fibs present. The ncs showed peroneal nerve motor damage slowed about 25% on...