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    Track wheelchair

    Has anyone applied for a track wheelchair for outdoor activities. I’m thinking they have them through the VA independence fund .
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    My husband was just fitted for a wheelchair last week.Did anyone have trouble fitting the adapted van in your garage ?We have a washer and dryer on one side of the door , and a closet on the other side .
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    My husband has bulbar ALS .The DR has upped his dosage of Baclofen to 5 times a day.He is considerably weaker taking after taking them.Anyone else .Thank you .
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    Help me , please.

    Our decent into hell began over a year ago. My husband had a severe case of the flu, he recovered , but His voice never did. It became progressively worst. We saw 2 ENT's , one discovered his false vocal cords didn't work at all.They recommended a speech therapist , no results.We then saw 2...