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  1. Atsugi

    A lawyer can screw you quite easily.

    Just a warning about a legal danger. Right after my wife passed, a lawyer (not mine) approached a judge in the elevator and mentioned that poor so-and-so had died (my wife) and needed a personal representative. The judge signed the lawyers papers on the spot, appointing that lawyer to be the...
  2. Atsugi

    Loving words you can't really use

    I love new words, but I can never use them--no one understands them. INTRACTABLE PROBLEM = can't practically be solved. For instance, a math problem that is theoretically solvable, but it would take a million computers a thousand years to do. My current favorite: IDIOPATHIC: Literally, "my own...
  3. Atsugi

    2 plus 2

    After years of training in electronics (with a slide rule) and then going to B-school for an MBA, I learned a little math. Business accounting was particularly perplexing, with rules upon rules that could be interpreted different ways. This is what I learned about math: Ask a teacher what 2...
  4. Atsugi

    Privacy for PALS

    Sometimes I see CALS commenting in the PALS forum. I always thought that the forum called "People with ALS - PALS" was a place where PALS could speak to each other without CALS being part of the conversation. I know the "CALS" forum sometimes contains posts that are really meant only for CALS...
  5. Atsugi

    The Admiral's Hat

    At daybreak every morning aboard his ship, the old admiral would slowly but mightily struggle against the wind to walk out to the ship’s bow and survey the sunrise. He would take off his hat, hold it in front of him, and mumble a few words. Suddenly, the admiral found a skip in his step, and...
  6. Atsugi

    Effective Date

    Let's talk about Effective Dates so we all understand it. I always need to be reminded how it works. ( An Effective Date is a Blind Date where you get lucky.) . :) At the VA, the Effective Date--from which your compensation begins--is figured through a bunch of rules. For ALS folks, two...
  7. Atsugi

    Hand pictures atrophy and videos of hands or tongues

    Many people asking "Do I have ALS" have posted videos and photos of their hands and their tongues to ask us if we agree there is atrophy. Because of this, I look at my hands and feet and arms and legs a lot. And over the years, they have changed significantly, even remarkably. Sometimes my...
  8. Atsugi

    CanMark lived a full life and inspired others with his joy.

    A couple of years ago, our PALS CanMark asked me to announce here on ALSforums if and when he opted to leave the Earth. A few weeks later, he decided to stay with the rest of us mortals. Mark lived with ALS about four years, surrounded by friends and family, who visited often. He enjoyed...
  9. Atsugi


    Congrats to Oz, who leads in the medal count on Day 1.
  10. Atsugi

    Caregiver Abuse

    Today, Dear Prudence at Slate (dot) com has a 20-minute podcast on caregiver abuse. The writer says her hubbie has been in a wheelchair 7 years, and is psychologically abusive to her. I think it's worth a listen if your PALS is making your life more miserable than it needs to be and if you're...