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    This will probably be my last post on the forum. At the time of Eileen's funeral I weighed 122 lbs, I am now at 134 lbs. I'm not sure if it is just my nature or my strong belief in God, but even before the funeral, I felt that God did not want me to waste the rest of my life in grief. I made...
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    3 months later

    First, when Eileen was on hospice, I couldn't share all the details of her passing, even now some of it is more than I can talk about on the forum. When the time came, with two pastors, family and friends in the room, I couldn't let a stranger make the final step. So, I turned off the Trilogy...
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    VisuALS eyegaze system for sale

    Complete system including software loaded on GoPro tablet, Tobii eyegaze bar, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker plus magnetic mount. Setup but never used. Use the link below to visit the manufacturer's web site for more info. Paid...
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    Larry's Eileen

    Yesterday morning Eileen was conscious enough to hug every person that came to her bedside. Not sure she recognized everyone, but it was her nature to be delighted with anyone she met. Two pastors arrived and I believe she did recognize them. So, she was not in pain at that time, but there...
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    On hospice

    Antibiotics have done almost nothing, swelling in the cheeks is slightly down, but now her entire neck is swollen. There are no self initiated breaths. On Saturday she requested our pastor come visit. He comes tomorrow at 11 am and with the kids we have decided to take her off life support...
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    On hospice

    My PALS decline has been fast, making it difficult to get things ready in time. And now the change comes even faster. She has been on palliative care for several months, but within about 10 days, first a UTI, then thrush and another infection in the cheeks and jaws have brought us to hospice...
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    Octopus? Or clone?

    It all sounds very familiar to me as well. There is one technique I use. When I need time to do something like fix my food or walk the dog or just sit on the porch for a few minutes, I ask my PALS if there is something she needs before I "go off duty" for a few minutes. If she needs (or...
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    Full face mask and glasses

    My PALS has been using the Trilogy 24/7. As her face has lost muscle tone, leakage has become a major issue. Both due to noise and air blowing in her eyes. She has been using the ResMed F10 in XS and even with that we have had to modify the head gear for a tighter fit. Anyway, the problem...
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    sweaty back/butt in chair solutions?

    Mt PALS uses a 'mesh lumbar support' she found on Amazon. It provides plenty of air circulation and slips on over the PWC back cushion.
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    Problematic in-laws

    So, from what you describe, it may be better that this has happened sooner than later. I mean regardless, at some point your husband will no longer be able to 'serve' his dad as expected. Maybe everyone can find ways to resolve this or to chart new courses before your husband's health gets...