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  1. Alyoop

    Come for tea

    Hi all. Haven't been here for a long while. Too busy on FB. So sorry about skipper Kim. I lost my old cat recently and it hurts, hugs from afar. It lifts me to see my thread still alive and serving its purpose. I started it with Annie a few years ago. We loved to just chat about our animals...
  2. Alyoop

    Regretfully , I may be saying 'told ya so'

    Energy, to be honest I have not read your earlier posts, just this one. You do realize that atrophy is more commonly caused by nerve impingement( already mentioned above). You have lots of signs for an impingement issue...all of which are leading your diagnosis well and truly away from ALS. The...
  3. Alyoop

    Another light has gently dimmed

    Helen was truly an inspiration. I met her twice and spent a week with her, laughing and having fun. She was the sister I never had. Her strength took my breath away. Never a bad word or a complaint ever crossed her lips. She bore this terrible disease like a warrior. God has truly gained an...
  4. Alyoop

    Come for tea

    Lol Vicki, wish we still had the like button. Annie loved her hens:). I hate bras as well but unfortunately if I didn't were one I would get concussed regularly. Those darn wires....
  5. Alyoop

    Come for tea

    Good morning ladies.... When Annie and I started this thread years ago to talk about chickens and Bra sizes, I never thought it would keep going so long... It always excites me to drop in here and see it alive and well. It's been through so much in the past. We've seen good friends pass away, 1...
  6. Alyoop

    Hello quick questions about twitching.

    Getting my hair done with an iPad..... Thought I might drop by and act intelligent :)
  7. Alyoop

    Don't blame u if you don't respond.

    You are correct when you said " surely this could not be ALS". great that you got it spot on. If your EMG says your changes in your feet are because of tarsal tunnel, then they are. The specific differences between an EMG showing tarsal tunnel or EMG is like the difference between a rock and a...
  8. Alyoop

    Hello quick questions about twitching.

    The presence of cancer in your body can cause paraneoplastic syndromes which include a large array of neurological symptoms.
  9. Alyoop

    Blue green algae research, possible breakthrough

    This has been discussed here at length in the past. Maybe do a search.
  10. Alyoop

    I need help please family is posted this together ..plz help me

    You still have not said what abnormality if any, was found on clinical examination. Losing that much wait seems commoner here on people stressing about ALS, than those who have it. Stress can cause massive weight loss. Atrophy just does not occur that quickly, which makes me wonder whether your...