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  1. MaxEidswick

    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Still here Mod note: please say hi to Max on this thread
  2. MaxEidswick

    say hi to Max here

    Re: PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever) Still here
  3. MaxEidswick

    Update on Max

    Thanks, all ... Hoping for home tomorrow. Ugly stories coming .. I
  4. MaxEidswick

    thoughts on the suicide thread

    >Perhaps the CALS talk about suicide is not good for PALS to read. I guess it's depressing. yup, but i like to have their perspective too ...
  5. MaxEidswick

    Clinic Visit and Memory Test

    >Max I get the feeling you possibly belonged to a group akin to Dead Poets Society. :-) >the 6 p's from my harvard mba prior planning prevents piss poor performance :-)
  6. MaxEidswick

    sleep aide

    >HOW do you keep all this straight in your heads? You know, brand names, amounts...? Sandy keeps a worksheet :-)
  7. MaxEidswick

    My other caregiver

    >This is Bella. She is my favorite nonhuman caregiver. She keeps my feet warm and always keeps an eye on the other caregivers. Loves to run beside my pwc :-)
  8. MaxEidswick

    Voice - going -going ...

    >bank your voice using Modeltalker, so you will have no regrets later on. Ditto that!