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    Ottawagirl has left us

    Thank you, Max!
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    Ottawagirl has left us

    This from Elaine's sister: Dear everyone, I am Elaine's sister Sue. I am messaging all of you to make sure you know how wonderful you all are. Elaine truly enjoyed corresponding with each of you...some of you she met. Well, what I want to say is that you all mattered so much to her. She deeply...
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    Bob Anderson's Fight Is Over

    He was a special man and a great support to do many. He will be missed. Yasmin.
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    Another tribute to Elaine

    Lovely tribute, Nikki. Congratulations on your 1000th post! Yasmin.
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    Promised eulogy

    Max, I sent this great tribute to Elaine's husband, family and best friend. They are so thankful and grateful you did this. It provided them with much comfort. Thank you! Yasmin.
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    Ottawagirl has left us

    Elaine's obituary: Elaine SAMSON Condolences | Ottawa Citizen
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    Promised eulogy

    Thank you, Max. With my heart. Yasmin.
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    Our eulogy: to Elaine, Sharon, Barney, Chris, and to those preparing to leave ......

    I love the idea of an "In Memory of" sub forum or blog". We need a place to commemorate the special people we've lost and have become friends with here. My heart aches for my husband and for Elaine, Marta, Helen, Annie, Siobhan and so many others - the "oldies" that were here when I joined in...
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    Ottawagirl has left us

    Our dear and beautiful Elaine Samson, ottawgirl, passed away an hour and 18 minutes ago. She was peaceful and had her husband holding her hand when she passed. I will send messages posted here to her family, at a later date. Yasmin.
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    Message from ottawagirl

    She is not home, Max. She is, and will remain, in palliative care. Was just about to post an update: Palliative care is keeping Elaine comfortable. Breathing is difficult. She is heavily medicated. The family is with her around the clock. Her sister said "her new beginning is on the...