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    Attendant Controls for powerchair

    All the rear-mounted joysticks I have seen are not well designed. The control window is in front of the joystick, leaving no support for the attendant's hand. They have to navigate while walking and that is difficult to do without support for their hand, much less for their forearm. It requires...
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    All in one Ventilator; cough, suction, nebulizer and oxygen

    At our support group yesterday, the rep from a respiratory care provider reported that a new ventilator, the VOCSN has been approved by the FDA. It can be used for invasive (trached) or non-invasive (mask, mouthpiece) ventilation. It combines ventilation, cough assist, suction, nebulizer and...
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    Trilogy with Passy-Muir valve?

    I was recently switched from an LTV950 to a Trilogy. I have always been able to speak easily on the LTV with my cuff deflated. An additional 5 of PEEP from an inline valve allowed more than one or two words per breath. With the Trilogy, I am back to one or two words and it a horrible step down...
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    A complication I never considered!

    I just spent 4 days in the hospital with a collapsed lung and the worst part was a sore butt from the mattress! It started with the sniffles and a scratchy throat. I went to the doctor to see about an antiviral which they recommend right away for ALS people. Turns out that all there is is...
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    They found our "Monster"!

    :pWe frequently refer to ALS as a monster, and now we have a picture of it as it appears in our cerebellum. The Neuromuscular Disease Center at Washington University, St. Louis, has a picture of it on their website. Definitely looks monstrous, even devilish by Hollywood movie standards...
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    40% savings from Medicare on my vent???

    Shh, don't tell my DME because if this is a mistake I don't want them to fix it! Last year the breakdown on the cost of my vent was: DME billed Medicare $3800 Medicare allowed $1500 Medicare paid the DME 80% of the allowed amount, 1200 I owed $300 before filing with my supplemental insurance...
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    I have been looking for a simple auto scroll and finally found the perfect one for me. This FREE auto scroller works in Safari or Firefox. The button sits in your menu bar. Click it and it begins to scroll slowly. To change the speed click a number from 1 to 9. Hit the letter q to stop...
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    Attitude matters!

    This sign was intended to encourage men to have the medical tests needed for early detection of common diseases. The response is priceless! Stubbornness is common problem for our male PALS and I thought the picture was appropriate here. :)
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    Weirdest reaction ever!

    My husband works a few hours a week at a backyard birding shop. Seed is delivered early on Monday mornings while the store is closed. Unloading and storing the seed takes only an hour or so, so I listen to a book rather than have my computer set up as I usually do. And rather than being in the...
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    iPhone with switch capability

    Has anyone tried using an iPhone with iOS 6 or newer with its switch capability? Being able to use an iPhone or other cell phone by pushing my call switch sounds almost too good to be true! I have used a paging base unit with a beeper for years but cell phones have killed the market for that...