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  1. Atsugi

    Hi Everyone

    Great share, thanks, Marty. Great to hear from you.
  2. Atsugi

    Guess who?

    I remember that we talked about SO MANY THINGS. For a guy like me, who doesn't have anyone to talk to, it was a life-line! I especially liked the dinners and wine tasting trip and the boats and meeting the German lady from Berlin and helping that guy's dad connect with a VSO for the VA. I ate...
  3. Atsugi

    Guess who?

    TSA did absolutely everything they could, except a strip search, trying to make me miss my flight. All good.
  4. Atsugi

    Please help:(

    You don't know how they [doctors] can help you. I agree. You don't know. Find another general practice or internal medicine MD and let them lead the investigation. It might take years! But, just to be clear, we have helped you. We've narrowed down the list of things you might have. Scratch ALS...
  5. Atsugi

    A lawyer can screw you quite easily.

    No, I never pressed it. This happened in 2011 when my lawyer told me about it. In a twist, a couple years after Krissy passed, I went to my lawyer's office and found the landlord emptying it out. My lawyer was disbarred for taking money out of a trust. So I called the state and was told my...
  6. Atsugi

    Moving forward

    Ditto. What she said. Sue, I am so sorry. Anything you need, you just ask.
  7. Atsugi

    Urination and independence

    Hi, Christine. Welcome to the group. Thanks for your inputs on this. My PALS (Kristine), accepted a urethra cath when she was totally immobile--she was probably tired of me spilling her bucket. The nurse seemed to put it in and pull it out easily, but I'm sure it was uncomfortable. I told them...
  8. Atsugi

    Urination and independence

    It might be informational for male PALS if someone smart can explain why my experience with a catheter was so exceptionally painful. After my urologist removed my prostate (apparently with a wrench and a butter knife), somebody inserted a catheter into my urethra. I expected a few days of...
  9. Atsugi

    "Locked In"

    Thanks for sharing that story, Nona. With respect, I stopped reading because I already saw that story in my own house. Some PALS have said they still find some quality of life even when they are totally immobile. But no one, of course, has ever described what it's like to lose the ability to...
  10. Atsugi

    guaranteed life insurance

    I had a very good experience with life insurance. You probably don't want "Guaranteed Issue". Steve, et al. As you all know, insurance is a gambling proposition, just like Las Vegas. The odds--over the long haul--are in the house's favor. So, I agree that on average, the insurance company...