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    Does ALS hurt?

    Hi, I've posted before but while I'm awaiting my next neuro visit I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to have muscle soreness for lengths of time. I have read conflicting things on when muscles hurt so any info. would be appreciated. I have left hand and arm weakness and left leg...
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    Is Iplex any good?

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or is using Iplex? I only know alittle about it and that it may not be readily available but I don't know what area neurologists are thinking or if it's even promising? Thanks:?
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    How long for diagnosis?

    Hi, I've been seeing a neurologist for initially a weak left hand/arm then it progressed to weak foot and leg and now it's been close to two years. At first when I initially showed her my tremor (pressing a finger against a wall) she told me after a clean emg that I had tremors. Next scheduled...