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    any thots -- choosing conversion mini-van

    just got power wheelchair...starting to look at buying conversion mini-van....any input on what to consider, avoid, etc ...ref brand of vehicle, converters, features, etc would be appreciated....thanks.
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    looking for feedback....are you currently using glyco nutrient supplements -- if so, for how long, and do you see any positive results.....if you previously used and stopped -- why did you stop.... thanks for any thots....buddyr
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    starting rilutek - questions

    what advice / thots do you have about the instruction to take 2 pills daily, about 12 hrs apart -- on an empty stomach... at least 1 hour prior to a meal... or 2 to 3 hours after a meal ------ also, the instructions say do -not- take with alcohol....i'm assuming / wishing that this means do not...
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    are you currently taking / or / have you ever taken this product?....if so, what were any positive or negative effects? your opinion, is this a scam for PALS?....thanks....buddyr
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    Don't believe everything you read

    a newcomer view you know i am new to als, and certainly new to reading threads...i'm not sure what prompted your note but it makes sense to me...from what i have seen, your balance of letting views be expressed, with some latitude, while being sensitive to your moderator...
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    lisa....first neurologist stressed side effects....2nd opinion neur. at teaching hosp with only als clinic in state said 60% of diagn. patients took it with few little/minor side effects reported....of course with liver monitoring monthly until taken for some time.....a coordinator at state als...