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    Won't go to the Hospital Bed!

    Can you ask him just to "try it" for an agreed period of time, say an hour, and if he doesn't like it he can go back in the chair? It might be the thin edge of the wedge. So he would have some agency to "try" it. Then you can escalate later into an intervention based on safety of you and the...
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    Won't go to the Hospital Bed!

    Hi Emily, this may not be much help, but can I suggest you get into the hospital bed yourself and see if there are any issues with its comfort? I say this because my mother complained bitterly about some discomfort in her hospital bed mattress...the nice ALS closet supplied us with a few...
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    Kathy's mom

    Thank-you both for your kind words. This disease *is* relentless, and it's so true: the last two days were kinda crazy. Taking all your good vibes on board.
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    Kathy's mom

    I continue to be so touched by your kindness, all of you. It's a real comfort. Thank-you!
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    Kathy's mom

    Oh my goodness, thank-you all so much for your kind words. They are truly consoling to me, you have no idea. What a lovely group of people you all are. We're blessed to have this community to support each other. It would have been so lonely without it, and thanks for reassuring me that I...
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    Kathy's mom

    We were never able to get to clinic to get things checked out: she was really weak, and they offered to send a respiratory therapist to her home, so we didn't need to go. They eventually recommended Ativan, sublingual, but we didn't have a chance to use it often. She was mostly able to relax...
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    Sliding Sheets? How to Use, How to Move my PAL with One Person

    Hello all, just a quick note to let you know that the nice Slippery Sally rep in Barrie Ontario sent me a disposable Sally to try, because she didn't have the washable one in stock, and it was very slippery indeed. I can't imagine why it would be single use. It looked amazing, and seemed very...
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    BiPap: Possible to Have Too Much Air?

    Hi all, just a quick update: my mother did wind up having a new machine delivered with IVAP, which responded to her respiration, without having a fully fixed rate and volume. She was able to tolerate it better, but she only had it for a day before she passed away. I think it would have been a...
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    Trouble with Sentry 1400 Low Air Loss/ Alternating Air Mattress

    Hello all, just an update: my mother wound up with the CFT Pressure Guard mattress, which had cells running lengthwise with a foam overlay, and she was finally comfortable. It did not have an electric motor running the air cells. Instead, it was a pump that you used only once every 6 months (I...
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    Dad Dancing Again in Heaven

    So sorry for your loss. Sending you condolences as you go through these sad times. Kathy