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    giving an update

    Just letting you know i will be going to see the als specialist sometime this weak after being refferd there due to an abnormal emg by my neurologist. the als specialist i will be seeing is doctor christian shoesmith at the london health science centre. I will be having a second emg after seeing...
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    Would like your opinion

    First off, I dont think i have als however i get the impression my doctors think i do. I started feeling somewhat off off last year, then earlier this year we discovered my potassium and alt were elavated which we determined to be muscle waisting, i was then sent to see a neurologist who seemed...
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    Recent Emg, muscle/ neurological problems

    been having muscle/ neurological problems for many years and recently had an emg and was wondering if i should be concerned about the results. here is the report, This study is abnormal, Scant positive sharp-waves were noted in some muscles, including the paraspinal muscles with...